Izzo Stays At MSU….Blame It On Lebron

So Tom Izzo has decided to stay at Michigan State University. I can not blame him. Dan Gilbert tried to be slick and toss a lot of cash at Tom Izzo to bait him in without knowing what LeBron’s decision would be. This circus that LeBron is setting the NBA up for is going to screw the Cavs. Seriously, who wants the Cavs coaching job without knowing if LeBron is coming back or not? I don’t exactly hear of many coaches knocking on the door to get the job here. No one wants it. I wouldn’t take it, regardless of the money.

The Cavaliers are about to get screwed since LeBron wants to play games. All of the legit coaches will have jobs by the time Lebron makes a decision and we will be stuck with “unproven assistant/college coach dude.” No wonder Danny Ferry rolled out. He’s no fool. Money isn’t everything, well I guess LeBron probably disagrees.

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