National Respect Canada Day July 15th

ncxcom National Respect Canada Day July 15thLet’s face it Canada among most popular tourist destinations in the world with a  world-wide reputation with other countries. They invented Hockey maybe basketball real cable TV.

Some of the best fishing and hunting North America has to offer with just about the highest gun per capita ratio vs. crime rate in the world.

Most Canadians I met are polite, fun and great at giving directions. Education system is great but the medical system can use an overhaul. Canada has a rapidly growing population. One of the world’s best infrastructure including the ice roads.

More drinkable water in Canada then anywhere else in the world, talking out of the brook now out of the bottle.

Women in Ontario can walk around topless legally (For men: YES! For women: Your freedoms are expanded)

So take a moment for National Respect Canada Day today and love thy neighbor.


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