Saying Good Bye Is Never Easy

cropped gnr Saying Good Bye Is Never Easy

I’ve decided that I need to divest myself of a lot of things that I thought were so important to me.  I know it’s a morbid sort of thought, but as of this blog, I don’t have kids, but I have a lot of stuff, and when I am not here anymore, who is going to have to go through all of this stuff to make sure there isn’t something valuable hidden in there?  And some of my stuff, like concert t-shirts deserve a better home than I am giving them, so it’s time to put them up for an adoption of sorts. 

I thought a place like Ebay might be answer, but it seems like a lot of work.  And while I guess I could ask for $100 for one of my INXS t-shirts from their first tour (oh how I miss Michael Hutchence), I have to be realistic, I can ask that price, but will someone pay it?  I see a lot of sellers on the site, but not many bidders.  I also have to be honest with myself in that Ebay takes work–photographing the shirts, uploading them, pricing them to sell, following the bids, and the worst part, shipping them.  Ugh. 

I was thinking I could maybe go to a record convention, and see who might be willing to buy them all in bulk, but do we even have record conventions anymore?  God I looked forward to them, especially the ones on Chevrolet Blvd.  There would literally be a line waiting to get on those Sunday mornings.  Such music geek fun, looking for that import printed in Spain, or the special gate-fold sleeve that was only released in Germany.  Joy!

But I think I’m going to find them a new home and fulfill a dream of mine at the same time, and have a garage sale.  That’s all I’ve wanted to do for almost ten years now, have a garage sale, and just get rid of a lot of nice things for 50 cents a piece.  Yeah, they are all nice things, but nice things still sitting in their boxes on shelves and in closests don’t help me much, so it’s time to bite the bullet and say good bye to these things, and my concert t-shirts too.

I was sorting them out last night and remembering who was with me at the Coliseum for the Police Synchronicity Tour when Joan Jett opened.   And was asking myself why I needed to buy all three of the Rick Springfield shirts that they were offering that tour?  And how sort of cool I felt (as cool as a geeky nerd can feel) when I wore my Adam Ant t-shirt to school, and people asked “Adam who?”   Good times.

But alas, I don’t think I am honoring these good times by keeping the shirts locked away in drawers and the back of closests.  And I’m also coming to realize that if they aren’t in the back of the closests and drawers, I’ll still remember the good times I had.  They will be ok in a new home, and who knows, maybe they’ll see the light of day having more good times with their new owners.  They certainly deserve it.


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