Happy Birthday Ric Ocasek The Cars

So if you grew up in Cleveland Ohio and there was the slightest chance you heard of the band named Milkwood. (a play that might have come from Lakewood) Or maybe you grew up or knew a couple of guys named Ben Orzechowski and Ric Otcasek? Went to Bowling Green State University and Ric sat next to you in class? The Ohio ties to The Cars are quite long.

Ben Orzechowski became Ben Orr and Ric Otcasek was shortened to Ric Ocasek the pair being the foundation of The Cars. Okay it didn’t quite start that way, the band was first called Cap’n Swing. Ric is very talented not just the bass and keyboard but singing the majority of the band’s songs as well as writing them. Ric has gone on to produce quite a large number of albums.

Also with a great eye for talent and beauty met model Paulina Porizkova during filming of the music video for The Cars’ song “Drive”. Have been together for almost 25 years now, today is Ric Ocasek’s birthday that’s for all the fun. Happy Birthday Ric!

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