Keith Hasn’t Got It Right Yet

Keith Richards is working on a solo album. He does this whenever he is feuding with Jagger. So, as soon as he used the term “tiny todger” in his autobiography in reference to Mick’s most personal appendage, you had to see this coming. Todgergate. Well, at least Micks LIPS are real big.

Now they both have solo projects which the sum total of the parts never approaches an actual Rolling Stones release. At least they’re happy and making music. Problem is, that Keith has never been totally satisfied with anything he has done so far. Sounds like a song right there. Ooopps, been there, done that.

  • http://facebook Jan

    Hi Keithy, You sell yourself short. Its not perfect? I really dug the song “Thru and Thru”. Then I was concerned for you, hopefully it was just gossip. God knows theres plenty of that, Geez. But I hope your health is good. Apparently so if your still Rockin. I wish you the best – and tell Jimmy I said hello too :) Yeah you know which Jimmy haha Take care :)

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