Michael Stanley Remembers Dick Clark: A True Rock n’ Roll Legend Signs Off…

It was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Dick Clark at age 82 from a heart attack. The man was not only a broadcasting legend but a rock n’ roll legend as well! Much of my early musical education, not to mention an early appreciation for dancing-girls, came from watching American Bandstand and along with the local Top-40 radio stations, it was my lifeline to rock n’ roll and the people who made it.

And so when MSB was about to make a west coast swing to promote the “You Can’t Find fashion” album I asked our manager why we’d never been on American Bandstand. “Why would you want to?”, he asked, “It doesn’t mean anything anymore.” Doesn’t mean anything? It’s freakin’ American Bandstand, with freakin’ Dick Clark and I had dreamed of being on that show since I was in grade school.¬† And then a dream came true as we went to LA, met Dick Clark (who, I might add was exactly like Dick Clark if you know what I mean) and did two songs on American Bandstand where he exhibited his true professionalism by seemingly being as excited¬† to have us on his show as he would have been to have had Zeppelin on…now that’s a professional! He was gracious, and kind and, well…he was Dick Clark and he made my American Bandstand dream come true! Rock on, my man…you will be missed!

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