Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team Poses Nude for ESPN

With the London 2012 Olympics quickly approaching, viewers are getting more and more excited to see their favorite teams and athletes come alive on their television sets. Well, how about seeing your favorite team or athlete in the nude? Don’t believe us? Pick up the latest copy of ESPN magazine!

We always hear about how much time and energy it takes to keep an athlete’s body in tip top-olymypic ready shape. Now it’s time for us to see them bare it all.

The United State’s women’s volleyball team has decided to shed off their clothes and embrace their toned bodies for this week’s ESPN magazine issue. The “Body” issue is an annual occurrence with ESPN, and this year the volleyball team in the US of A hoped to show off their results from the rigorous exercise routines they’ve been committing to to prepare them for the Olympics.

The issue, which comes out this Friday, shows nude silhouette shots of the players, and a group shot of them nude on a bench. Surely some viewers will be upset to find out that the classy shot perfectly hides private areas with limbs, hair, and of course, volleyballs.

“I was a little nervous about doing the shoot, but looking back, I’m glad I did it,” team member Megan Hodge told People. “I thought it was a cool, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the world the work we put in every day.”

There will be other Olympic athletes featured in the issue as well, including basketball forward Tyson Chandler, gymnast Dannell Leyva and Gold medal sailer, Anna Tunnicliffe.


-Kate Murphy / 98.5 WNCX


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