This Is The Best Thing To Happen To NASCAR Since…

Dale Earnhardt Sr used to wreck any and everybody, well every week. And since the sport has been let’s face it, kinda on the fade for the last two years. The “stuffed shirts” who run NASCAR needed this. And this outburst by Jeff Gordon who isn’t exactly known for being a bad ass. Well, I say bravo!

With one week to go in the “Chase for the Championship” with the season finale at Homestead, Florida. They’ll be more tuning into that this coming Sunday afternoon. Especially after the Browns/Cowboys game gets done being televised from Dallas around 4:15 pm in Cleveland.

Now, Fox is reporting HERE that the #24 car might be parked for this Sunday’s race. Big mistake. Because since Danica Patrick can’t win races, there went that hype. Now when a few more folks noticed that big ‘ol fight in Phoenix yesterday. Nobody cared who won the race. Just about that bru-haha. So if NASCAR does park Gordon. Make him sit for the season’s last race. Score another for stupidity like that “Car of Tomorrow” crap that nobody liked.

You have a great day and stay warm with this cold front coming thru here too.


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