Is It Time To Start Arming Ohio Teachers?

There is a great deal of unnecessary talk over gun control is wake of last year’s school shootings. Frankly the current gun laws are more than adequate to handle just about every legal reason why most normal Americans can possess, own and carry firearms. Most private and public places have laws or guidelines regarding the rules on the given property.

Schools have addressed this issue for years but do to current events, a number of people see a need for a change. One of the most popular ideas being floated is arming teachers and school staff. This may not be a bad measure in a very limited way. If the people working inside and around the school are to be arm perhaps it should be only non-lethal weapons.

Tasers, mace, pepper spray or pancake guns can have a very forceful impact without a long-term damage to the target or the user. Most schools would find that if an armed enforcement officer is needed a seasoned professional would be the best choice and yield the safest results. The decision making skills and overall isolation of these kind of duties should not be made by people that are part-time trained with bigger tasks on their mind.

No the focus of the schools entire staff should be the education and nurturing of the student body. The staffing of security and perhaps even the discipline of the school’s students should be left to a separated body. One without influence on grades or performance reviews leaving a clear division between the staff that grows the students and the staff that protects the students.

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