My Town, Your Town; Everybody’s Watching…

After the shock of the Cavs actually winning┬áthe NBA Championship started to wear off I wondered just how we, as a city, as a fanbase, would acquit ourselves. Would we turn to the mind-boggling hey-we-won-let’s-burn-our-own-city-down response of Detroit and some other cities. Or, even though we haven’t, would we take the high road and “act like we’ve been there before”.

In just under a month the eyes of the political world will be on our fair city as The Republican National Convention rolls into town with a full case of Trump-mania. And right now the eyes of the sports world (and all 203 ESPN channels) will be on us for tomorrow’s Victory Parade. How will we present ourselves? Well, at least one national column thinks we’re off to a good start!

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