Cleveland: No Longer Victims, But Champions

By Joseph Ledford, WNCX Morning Show Producer

It happened.

The momentous event we only dreamed of (many of us for our entire lives) has come to pass. Cleveland is a championship city. I know, it still doesn’t seem real. However, the banners, cheers and flood of merchandise proclaims it’s true. Thank you God.

So, as we enjoy the championship afterglow, I pose this question: Now what? What do we do now that we don’t have misery and disappointment to cling to? The jokers and pundits have lost a lot of their material. You don’t have Cleveland, Ohio to kick around anymore.

I say we embrace winning with grace. Let’s not be obnoxious like some fan bases. We don’t need to be timid either. We don’t have to “defend” our city from criticism now. We won. Enough said.

The Cavs won. The Monsters won. The Indians are winning and the Browns seem to be having a culture makeover in Berea. No burning rivers here, only beautiful downtown buildings, first rate athletic venues, world class food and museums and passionate citizens as bright and cheery as a Lake Erie sunrise.

We are winners. That can’t be taken away. We are no longer victims of our past, we have overcome it. We were forged by it into a strong city that never stopped believing and now we have been rewarded.

Go Cavs! Go Cleveland… city of champions.


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