Well done Cleveland!

I’m still burnt, but still oh so giddy after this week.

Sunday night.  What can you say? I kept to my Cavs playoff routine, and it worked!  Right up until the very last second I was doubting the out come.  But hey, that’s what you get as a lifetime Cleveland sports fan, doubt.  And anxiety.  And tears of joy and disbelief.  Hysteria. Who could sleep?  It still probably hasn’t sunk in.

Then Wednesday.  Who in their right mind would want to trudge into the city bursting at the seams with Cavs fans, huddled together waiting for this thing they call a parade?  We all did!  And I don’t think that one person who was there regretted it, and any person who wasn’t there, that didn’t wish they could have been there.

And well done to you Cleveland! I have never been in a better behaved, courteous, friendly crowd.  From where I stood for a really really long time at East 6th and Lakeside, everyone had a smile on.  Not enough sunscreen, and we could have used a few more hats and water, but we survived and it was glorious!  And unforgettable.

It’s funny how the conversation has changed from “well, maybe next year” to “at next year’s parade, we’ll…” and “how will the Tribe handle their parade?”  Absolutely amazing turnaround.

I’m still feeling it a week later!  Thinking about how I was bursting out of my skin last week, and here we are this week, champions.  Feeling as if anything is possible.  Love it!

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