A Fun Hot Day At Norwalk

So I have this bud named Mark. He takes me to the Summit Nationals and I take him to Michigan for the August NASCAR race. It’s kinda an even trade except this year. Since Mark works for Matco Tools, I paid to get more access and take shelter in the Matco hospitality tent which man, I highly recommend regardless of who your driver is. So like I’m a Kevin Harvick guy I’m now an Antron Brown fan. Just because he’s cool. And top fuel is wild. Pro mods now those folks are insane.

NASCAR can learn a lot from the NHRA because even with your ticket (mine cost $50, it just went up from $45 where it was since I was going since 2012) you can practically kiss the cars plus no one is a … Richard if you know what I mean. This goes from race crews to race fans. After the glory years of the “make left hand turns” circuit ended in 2001, not because of 9-11 but from a total disregard and fleecing of the fans which is what NASCAR was built on. The France family which runs the sport threw those who had infield spots for decades with their straight trucks and school buses, replaced them with the luxury bus crowd. And when’s the last time you’ve seen a full house on race day Sunday? Plus the racing blows because nobody can figure out the car. And who wants to pay $100 or more to watch single file racing? $50 for some very bad concessions. A 16 ounce beer at Michigan cost $8. Norwalk charges $5. That adds up but luckily both allow you to bring a decent sized cooler. But on 90′ days do you think I feel like carrying that around?

Thanks to nhra.com, HERE’s the results from this weekend’s racing.

Have a great day.


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