Adopt Some Love!

Time to turn this blog into a little kitty PSA and see if we can get a few cuties adopted into good homes.

Popped into the Solon Pet Supplies Plus to get my Nadia kitty a new Da Bird, and the little (not really little at all!) Kelley’s Kritters kitty adoption cage was rockin’!  Five of the most adorable 12-week old kittens having the time of their lives.  A couple of girls and boys and mixed beautifully with black and whites splotches to give them each their own distinct look.  They were extremely friendly, not at all afraid to “talk” to passers by, and stick their little paws out for some more action.  And they were having a great time with the hanging toys to bat, as well as the hammock, and activity cube set up.  I wanted to take all of them and become an instant crazy cat lady.  (It’s the fear of Nadia murdering me while I sleep that keep me from doing things like this.)

And fun fact! One of the cuties is a polydactyl, a cat with a few extra toes.  Little kitty was cute, looked like he or she had a pair of big mittens on.  Had no idea these cuties were called Hemingway cats. I have now come to learn that he was given a polydactyl as a gift, fell in love with it, and upon his death his home was turned into a museum/home for his cats, many of whom are descendants of his original polydactyl.  Who knew?!

Give adopting a kitten (or cat) a thought.  Nadia came into our lives at a perfect time, she’s been a great companion for my elderly mom.  No need to go out to use the bathroom, small, no barking, but yes, there will be shedding and some shedding, and perhaps a few ruined pieces of furniture, but so much love and laughter.

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