Score One For Liverpool!

Surprise surprise, Russell Wilson and Ciara finally tied the knot this week.  I think it sort of caught everyone off guard as weddings are not usually mid-week affairs, but what I found surprising and lovely was they got married in Liverpool!  Yay Liverpool!

I’m sure Liverpool as a destination wedding spot is not even on the top 200 list of cities!  I am still trying to read articles here and there to see if it’s mentioned why Liverpool was chosen as the spot.    It’s sort of like coming to get married in Cleveland, not the obvious choice, but can make for a beautiful wedding.

After visiting Liverpool a few times I’ve sort of adopted it as as my overseas hometown.  I root for the Reds and watch what’s happening in the news, and will listen to Liverpool radio on the internet.  It’s almost like being there!  Almost!

Liverpool reminds me of Cleveland.  It’s not only the water and the industrial beginnings and the sketchy weather.  We both know what we are and don’t make excuses.  Not the most glamorous city, have definitely seen our share of bad times, but still have that fighting spirit, and doing our best to keep improving and moving forward, and to shine.  And some really friendly people. And now we have a championship as well like Liverpool (although I fear we have need to win a few more to catch up)!

So best wishes and congrats to the newlyweds (Ciara’s dress was stunning if my opinion), and well done Liverpool!  Hope to see you soon.  Cleveland says hello!

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