Well I’m Happy The RNC Is In CLE!

And it has zero to do with politics.

I posted on my Facebook page the other day that I am baffled at all of the negativity surrounding the RNC.  But isn’t this what we’ve always wanted?  To have Cleveland get to play along with all of the big cities and compete with the Chicago’s and Dallas’s and and Tampa’s and have a shot at bringing in big conventions and events to town, and with it, money?!

Yes it is is all inconvenient.  Closed streets, detours, security check points, traffic, protesters, but it’s for one week.  We will survive. We dealt with 1.3 people flooding the streets of Cleveland a few weeks ago to celebrate the Cavs and and every one seemed to be okay with it then.  We will be fine this week.

I am sure there were issues in Tampa at the last RNC, and I am sure there will be glitches in Cleveland, but overall, to have every hotel room filled, Uber drivers running folks all over the place, the labor, the filled bars and restaurants, the extra staff called in, I have to think this is good.

Should the potholes been filled sooner?  The paint slapped on buildings years ago?  The litter picked up more consistently?  Sure.  But these things got done because all eyes are on us, and while we’ve been shining, albeit it a bit dimly, this is our time to put it all out there.  We can go back to our grousing next week when the focus shifts to Philadelphia.

I have faith in Clevelanders that we can and will handle this.  I hope our guests follow your lead.  We are hearty, we can handle this.  We support the Browns after all.

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