John Lydon Continues Concert After Being Hit with Bottle

It was a totally punk rock moment for the former Sex Pistols vocalist.

By Annie Reuter

For John Lydon, the show must go on—even if the crowd is throwing dangerous objects.

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During the former Sex Pistols frontman’s show at the Blondie Club in Santiago, Chile last night (Aug. 16), someone in the crowd whipped a glass bottle that hit the vocalist in the head, reports Billboard. Lydon briefly stopped the show to wrap a towel around his bleeding head and announced, “What a f—ing coward!” Then he shouted, “We continue” and finished the concert.

Despite the attack, Lydon remained in good spirits. After the show he shared an image of himself backstage with a cigarette in his mouth. “Glass attack last night in Chile,” he tweeted. “No reflection on the rest of the crowd. Great gig. It lives.”


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