Don’t Let The Browns Get You Down… Things Are Good In CLE

Joe Ledford, morning show producer

Alright, everybody breathe. We KNEW the Browns would be bad this year. We KNEW they would be young. We KNEW it would be a long season.

The Brown and Orange didn’t disappoint on Sunday. Or since we Browns fans regularly delude ourselves hoping for wins, maybe they did. The quarterback we could have drafted killed us. Our veteran QB looked bad and (surprise!) got hurt. Our Pro Bowl tight end had hands of stones.

But do not despair… it doesn’t matter. Really, it doesn’t.

Thanks to the Cavs liberating us from the championship drought, we no longer have to wallow in the muck and mire of the Browns. Thanks to the Indians playing great baseball, suddenly there’s something more important to pay attention to this fall. Thanks to the Monsters, we have a growing fan base for hockey in Cleveland. Things are good.

Yes, watch the Browns. Cheer for them and pray for improvement. However, don’t let the gridiron losses (and there will be many) get you down. Don’t let it ruin your Sunday and depress you Monday. Our city is a winner. It’s on the rise. Hopefully soon, our football team will be, too.


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