Be A Part Of Bloodsuckers Buffet 2017!

The Bloodsuckers Buffet is one of those sort of events that when it’s over for the year, we start working on next year’s event.  Someone is always coming up with an idea to make it better or different, or more visible.  It is a labor of love that’s for sure.  And it is also amazing to see so many WNCX listeners show up and support Bloodsuckers.  If you do not come out to donate blood, we do not have an event!

As we continue to grow, we are also always looking for sponsorship help.  The ever-expanding cantina area always need special attention.  We want to keep everyone fed and happy after the donation.

Parking is another great part of the event to think about supporting.  It’s one of the aspects of Bloodsuckers that we are proud of, making it easier for you to donate with free parking.

If you have a small business, or you work for a larger company that might want to up your participation in cause marketing and community projects, Bloodsuckers is something to consider.  What a great way to tell Cleveland about what your company does, with a supporting role in the 19th annual Bloodsuckers Buffet!  Bring it up at your next planning meeting!

If you have questions or need more details, call Stacie at 216-861-0100, and be a part of the positive fun!  There are a lot of great ways to get involved!

And mark your calendars for April 12, 2017 for Bloodsuckers Buffet 2017!

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