Mouse Delays Flight For 4 Hours

Maybe it was a “comfort pet” that belonged to a passenger on board, with the passenger afraid to admit that they brought the rodent on board to you know, comfort them on an overseas flight? It’s a therapy mouse. I’m surprised at a couple of things. One, how did the mouse scoot on board, not get stopped by security because do you think this guy had a boarding pass and a valid passport? Second, why didn’t somebody just step on it? Oh, I get it, mice lives matter. Figure you can add a third as you’ll hear one passenger say, “why just not say a word unless you have four or five hours to kill”. And she’s a woman.

I’ve got an idea, April the giraffe is now on her 10th, 11th day of false start labor? Why not drop the mouse into her pen because you ask most women, when they see a mouse they drop everything. Thanks to KGO-TV in San Francisco who have the story HERE.

Have a great weekend, enjoy all of this snow that pretty much surprised us, as in the amount we all got of it. See you Monday morning at 5:30 and thanks.


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