Gregg Allman: A True Original Makes His Exit…

It was a wise man who once told me that “It ain’t the years, it’s the mileage”! And the longer I live I realize how right he was. It’s not how long you live but what you’re able to fit in the years you have. And Gregg Allman, who passed away on Saturday, filled his 69 years to the brim leaving behind millions of fans and countless musicians who would name him and his band as inspirations.

I first saw the original Allman Brothers line-up at the old Music Carnival tent over by Thistledown Race Track. Hippies extraordinaire It’s A Beautiful Day opened the show  and, although everybody was knocked out by their hit “White Bird”, it was the Brothers we had all come to see and they certainly didn’t disappoint!

And then, over the years, MSB  got to play a number of shows with the Allman Brothers and Gregg’s solo band and we always looked forward to them because we knew that after our set we could hang around and watch one of the best live bands you’ll ever see. And plus, they were nice guys…OK, most of them were nice guys.

But even though I was a guitar player it wasn’t Duane and Dickie that drew me to the band; it was the soulful voice and organ playing of Gregg…he had that elusive “it” and you only had to see them once to realize that he was the heart & soul of that band.  Thanks for sharing, my man…and rest in peace…

Click HERE for a good read about Gregg…

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