Founding YES member & bassist Chris Squire (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)


Original Line-up:
Chris Squire – bass
Jon Anderson – vocals
Peter Banks – guitar
Tony Kaye – keyboards
Bill Bruford – drums


Top 20 Songs:
1971: “Roundabout” – 13 (Hot 100)
1983: “Owner of a Lonely Heart” 1 (Hot 100)
1983: “Leave It” 3 (Mainstream Rock)
1984: “It Can Happen” – 5 (Mainstream Rock)
1985: “Changes” – 6 (Mainstream Rock)
1987: “Love Will Find A Way” 1 (Mainstream Rock)
1987: “Rhythm” – 2 (Mainstream Rock)
1987: “Shoot High, Aim Low” – 11 (Mainstream Rock)
1988: “Final Eyes” – 20 (Mainstream Rock)
1991: “Lift Me Up” – 1 (Mainstream Rock)
1994: “The Calling” – 3 (Mainstream Rock)
1994: Saving My Heart – 9 (Mainstream Rock)

Pioneers of Progressive Rock, YES formed in 1968 when Chris Squire got together with vocalist Jon Anderson. Completing the lineup was drummer Bill Bruford (who placed an ad in Melody Maker), classically trained pianist Tony Kaye and former Syn guitarist Peter Banks. At the request of Banks, Mabel Greer’s Toyshop changed their name to YES.

Currently, Jon Anderson is working on a project with fellow Yes alumni Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin.

“Rick’s recording as we speak,” Anderson says. “He said he’d send me some music this month or next month. And then I would send it to Trevor. We’d actually written a couple of songs, me and Trevor, and me and Rick have written a couple.” Last time, Anderson said he couldn’t imagine an Anderson/Wakeman/Rabin tour, but he may have warmed up to the idea. If they do tour, fans shouldn’t expect a Yes “greatest hits” show.

Anderson also has a new song and video expressing his anticipation for what is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world – the World Cup.

Give it up! I want to be in Brazil! Give it up! For the World Cup! 2014! 2014! Come along with me…” are some of the lyrics. Later in the song, he sings “Loving the beautiful game…” over and over. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

If you haven’t kept track with the continuing saga of Yes, here’s a primer: in 2008, the band replaced longtime singer Jon Anderson with Benoit David, who used to sing in a Yes tribute band called Close To The Edge. That version of the band released the first new Yes album in a decade in 2011, Fly From Here. Further confusing things, the album was produced by yet another former Yes singer, Trevor Horn (who is more well known as the former singer of The Buggles).

Last year, David parted ways with the band, and was replaced by Jon Davison, who also used to sing for a Yes tribute band (Roundabout). Founding bassist Chris Squire (the only member to have played on every Yes album) and drummer Alan White (who has been with the band since 1972) told CBS Local that they’re hoping to do a new album, their first with the new singer, next year.


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