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One Comment

  1. David Meredith says:

    Jeff good to hear you back on the air after all these years. Gotta be a BIG change from the old days of “spinning the dials” to today’s technology. Heres to many more great times and great memories on the air! Good Luck!

  2. Al McElwain Jr says:

    It is so Great to hear a voice back on the radio from when Cleveland radio ruled the airwaves of the country. WNCX is the only choice we have these days to anything close to good radio station. I personally feel that WNCX can do better. By adding a radio personality from when Cleveland radio was best, at least allows me to reminence about the good times. Again it is Great to hear you back on Cleveland air waves.

  3. dominic says:

    Its about time! You have been missed!

  4. Connie Truelsch says:

    Just wanted to say it was so great to hear your voice on the radio! I was driving home from work, looking forward to heaing the songs Michael was playing and was pleasantly surprised to hear you filling in for him. I was just at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on Tuesday for my daughter’s birthday and when we got to the part about great DJ’s I commented to her how awesome WMMS was in its prime and it brought back the memories of Jeff and Flash-so it was ironic a few days later to hear you ! You brought me back to those younger days. I hope to hear you again !

  5. Kurt Shubert says:

    Welcome back Jeff! Kudos to WNCX for finally making a great move bringing Jeff back instead of hiring cast-offs from other stations who bring nothing but sophomoric attitudes with them. Best Cleveland radio news in years!
    Rock & Roll lives again!!!

  6. Mike Logue says:

    We are very excited to hear Jeff Kinzbach back on Cleveland radio. My wife and I were big fans of the Buzzard Morning Zoo! Please hire Jeff for a full time slot.

  7. Steve Anadell says:

    Welcome back…You were a big part of that golden era of Cleveland radio when Cleveland was actually making the biggest stars. You had to play Cleveland and get played in Cleveland to make it big, and you were a part of that. Good to hear you again. Best wishes and good luck.

  8. Will be listening come Monday morning down here in NC. Welcome back!!!

  9. Will be listening come Monday morning from down here in racing country, NC.

  10. Tom says:

    Jeff, please don’t start with the stupid laugh tracks and talking in the morning! This a FM station so we can listen to the music in stereo, not a lame talk show!!!

  11. Rose O'Boyle says:

    Awesome having Jeff & Flash on the radio. I was just “channel surfing” and heard them….I bet your ratings would go “through the roof” if you guys could have them be regulars….Cleveland is hungry for some great morning radio!!!!!

  12. Les Kramer says:

    Jeff and Flash….What else can you say. It just doesn’t get any better than that!! If this station has ANY brains, they will make you guys a permanent addition.

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