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Flick of the Switch - 1983

Chris V.’s AC/DC Diary…AC/DC Comes To Cleveland! 31 years Ago Today!

It was on this day, December 14, 1983, when AC/DC played at The Richfield Coliseum while on their “Flick of the Switch” Tour.  The show would land on a Wednesday night and yes, Cliff Williams […]


The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Honors Cliff Williams Of AC/DC

Happy 65th Birthday to AC/DC Bassist Cliff Williams!

Happy Birthday Cliff Williams!


acdc nov 29 1981

Chris V.’s AC/DC Diary: AC/DC’s 1st Performance At The Richfield Coliseum, 33 Years Ago Today!

AC/DC Rock The Coliseum For The First Time, 33 Years Ago Today!


Chris V./WNCX Archives:  The Village of Richfield, Ohio.

Chris V.’s AC/DC Diary: AC/DC Rocks Richfield 24 Years Ago Today!

AC/DC Rocks Richfield 24 Years Ago Today!



Chris V.’s AC/DC Diary…”Bonfire” Released 17 Years Ago Today!

“Bonfire” Released 17 Years Ago Today!


Chris V./WNCX Archives:  Cleveland Public Auditorium/Hall

Chris V.’s AC/DC Diary: AC/DC Rocks Cleveland 35 Years Ago Today!

AC/DC Rocks Public Hall 35 years Ago Today!


'74 Jailbreak

Chris V.’s AC/DC Diary: “74 JAILBREAK” Turns 30!

’74 Jailbreak Turns 30!



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