Michael Stanley 3:00pm To 7:00pm

stanley 621 Michael Stanley 3:00pm To 7:00pm

Michael Stanley is Cleveland’s most recognized entertainer and musician. Stanley is WNCX’s Afternoon Drive Air Personality, playing Classic Rock Favorites from 3 PM – 7 PM every weekday afternoon.

Stanley’s diverse career encompasses all aspects of the music industry, radio and television. From writing, and recording to performance, he has done it all in the music industry. He has recorded 18 albums, leading several versions of his original group, The Michael Stanley Band, including Michael Stanley and Friends and The Ghost Poets. He’s performed hundreds of concerts and holds countless attendance records at Blossom, The Front Row and the Richfield Coliseum. He co-hosted WJW TV 8’s PM Magazine program for eight years and was a feature reporter on WJW’s First Look. Stanley won 12 regional Emmy Awards for his television writing.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Michael Stanley embodies the sprit of his hometown. His music and lyrics reflect the lives of the people who have been tuning in to hear him play their favorite classic rock music every day on WNCX for the past ten years. Stanley’s passion for music and incredible wit make him one of the most desired and loved personalities in Northeast Ohio.

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