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Paula Balish credits her father for her career in radio. He gave Paula her first transister radio at age six and continued to buy her radio gifts as she was growing up. Paula’s love for music grew as she did, and following her graduation from Mentor High School in 1980, she jetted down to Florida, enrolled in The Connecticut School of Broadcasting and landed her first job at WNHY, a big band station in Riviera Beach, Florida.

After working at several Florida stations, her ultimate dream came true – returning home to Cleveland to work at her favorite rock station – WNCX. In 1992, a change in Program Directors sent Paula to Youngstown’s WNCD. Three years later, Paula came back to WNCX to host the evening shift. Paula continues to host evenings on WNCX and represents the station at numerous appearances, events and activities in the community.

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You’ll Fear The Reaper When You Eat This Tortilla Chip

They are saying it’s the hottest chip in the world. So hot, that it only comes one per package. It’s made from the Carolina Reaper Pepper, it holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the […]


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Limoncello Recipe (Italian Lemon Liqueur)

This is one of the best liqueurs that the Italians are responsible for. Here is an easy step by step recipe so you can make your own.



Lead Singer For Sugarloaf, Jerry Corbetta Dies

Jerry Corbetta was diagnosed with Pick’s Disease in 2009. It’s somewhat like Alzheimer’s.



Super Deluxe Edition Of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid Due Out November 11th

Super Deluxe Edition includes a four-disc set, a hardbound book with new interviews with all band members, photos, a poster and a replica


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Terrorist Attack At Elton John Concert Thwarted

A British teen was arrested and accused.


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Why Passing Gas Is Really Good For You

There are about 5 different reasons why passing gas is actually healthy for you.


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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Raised A Country Singer

Dave Mustaine’s daughter, Electra Mustaine, 18 years-old, calls herself a pop-country singer. Don’t believe me, listen for yourself.


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They Say Gene Wilder’s Death Was From Alzheimer’s

What does that really mean, how does someone die from Alzheimer’s? Find out in this short article.


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